Review: 1/6th scale Asuka Langley Shikinami from Evangelion 2.0

I just got my second package from Mandarake today, Kotobukiya’s 1/6th scale Asuka Langley Shikinami from Evangelion 2.0. This figure is sculpted by Tsukuru Shirahige. This serves for me as a companion piece to the figure I acquired last year of Rei Ayanami from Evangelion 1.0, sculpted by the same. I also look forward to his sculpt of Mari Illustrious this May.

This review actually serves as two, because Ayanami has much of the same qualities as Asuka does.

First of all, the sculpts on these figures are amazing. Though the poses could be considered slightly risque, nonetheless they are true to the characters they represent. Asuka’s pose is open and playful, while Rei’s is more closed and vulnerable. I have the both of them posed with their respective Eva Units from the SOC Tamashii Spec line, and they look great together.

The proportions are excellent and very anime accurate. The paint detailing is perfect, with no blemishes or over-spray anywhere. An interesting thing with Asuka is the shading effects where the different parts of the plugsuit meet. Another interesting effect on both figures is that the hair is composed of a semi-translucent material, slightly frosted with paint that functions as highlight… It’s fantastic. They both come on stone-looking busts of their Eva Units that serve as a base for the figure. Much like my UpLark review, I cannot heap enough praise on these figures.
Sorry again for the stock pics, but until I get (or borrow) a digital camera, that’s what I’m stuck with… I will update with new photos when I can…

~ by 45shiro45 on February 23, 2010.

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