Favorite Anime…

My favorite of all time changes from month to month, but most of my favorites boil down to Real Robot anime such as the Universal Century series’ of Mobile Suit Gundam, which are much more realistic than most of the alternate universe storylines which more closely resemble super robot or kiddie shows, Super Dimension Fortress Macross and it’s varying spin-offs, and of course Shin Seiki Evangelion AKA Neon Genesis Evangelion, (I don’t know how the literal “New Century” became “Neon Genesis”, but if that’s how Anno wants it, well)…

I also enjoy a variety of light novel type series’ like Toradora and Haruhi, romantic comedies like Ai Yori Aoshi and Ah! My Goddess, and even slapstick comedy like Ranma 1/2… About the only genres I categorically dislike are Hentai (mainly because of pervasive misogyny and objectification of women) and Yaoi (mainly because I am unapologetically hetero and find it icky)…

Unlike most guys, I simply don’t get the appeal of shounen like DBZ and Naruto. I can appreciate some historical shows in that category (such as Rurouni Kenshin), but most seem to be distilled “mass-market kiddie-crap” to me… I guess I’m just too old… 😉

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